So, you wanna know about me?

Well, first off my name is Joshua Parnell and this is my site (in case you couldn’t tell). I’m an all around geek in all things techy. I love messing computers. Some of my hobbies include Android Development/customization, Web Design (that I’d love to turn into a career), building various servers, messing around in Linux and OS X, and general Geekery. I’m the biggest geek most of my friends and family know. In fact, here’s a picture of my network diagram at home:

As you can tell, I got a lot of nerdy things. Most Small to medium business dont have as many devices on a LAN as I do. This website is hosted on the webserver in that diagram, using Ubuntu 12.04.2, Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

Network Diagram

So, al little bit more about me. I’m 24, a Veteran of Operation¬†Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, a husband and father, and a PC Technician at Mohawk Industries.

Have fun people!
This website was made to give you an insight to my life. I’ll be writing blog posts about my personal life and things I find across the webs that interest me. I also have a How To… section. I dont know how many times I’ve tried to do something and had to look through 50 different sites to cobble together a solution. So now, I will write down all my steps and then write it up in a how to post for people to benefit from. Also on here is my resume (for anybody wanting to pay me money to be a geek), web design portfolio, and a way to contact me securely.